Integrated operations 

‌Orders are processed just like all other online orders, with a delivery courier making the pickup instead of a customer 

‌No commission paid on each delivery - customers pay for their deliveries eliminating the 20-30% commission fees required by DSPs for orders originating on third-party marketplaces.

‌L‌ink2Driver Dispatcher integrates with your POS system so all delivery orders are sent directly to restaurants with no additional hardware needed. Orders are managed via Link2Drivers make-time logic to ensure food is fresh and ready when couriers arrive.



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Integrating Restaurant operations with 3er Deliveries Services Providers DSP avoid commission paid by Restaurants. 
‌Customers pay for their deliveries eliminating the ‌20-30% commission fees required by DSPs marketplaces.


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Integrate automation that can help you bypass the manual processing errors and ensure that you can achieve the desired delivery results, keeping customers satisfied.

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